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INVID-ODS8500-26FT: Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer

Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer

*Additional Options Available. Cameras & Accessories sold separately. Call Sales for More Details 631-388-5700

Model          INVID-ODS8500-26FT-800/1200/1600

Rugged Steel Construction 3000 Lbs Axle Trailer with 15” Wheels
and Removable Tongue

26 FT Telescopic Hand Cranking Mast

4 X Telescopic Outriggers + Leveling Jacks for maximum stability

1 X Wheeled Jack

LiFePO4 (Heated) 15.3 KWh Battery

800/1200/1600 watts

All Weather Enclosure for Batteries & Electronics

Edge Computer for Remote System Health Monitoring, Remote Login,
Firmware Updates, & More

Onboard PLC for additional flexibility and features

Smart Battery Charger (for Grid Charging)

True Sinusidal Wave Inverter

Rugged Dual SIM 4G Router (Category 6) with Puck Style 4-in-1
Omni Directional Antenna

Rugged POE+ Switch

Red Strobe (On Head)

Blue Flashing Lights on Trailer

DC 48V Power Supply / 120 VAC Inverter

NEMA 4X Head Enclosure (12”x12”x8”)

INVID-ODS8500-26FT-800W: Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer
INVID-ODS8500-26FT-1200W: Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer
INVID-ODS8500-26FT-1600W: Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer

*Additional Options Available. Call Sales for More Details 631-388-5700*