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ATD: Acoustic Threat Detection - Gun Shot Detection

ATD: Acoustic Threat Detection - Gun Shot Detection

When a gunshot is heard, our cutting edge technology identifies the location of the threat. Watch a Clip Here. 

How ATD Works

Monitor activity and receive rapid alerts to real-time tracking information through your existing access control system. There are no limitations to the number of sensors you can install to ensure no threats go undetected. With a camera attached to every sensor, you’ll never respond to a threatening situation blindly. Our agile surveillance cameras have a wide range of motion so that you never lose sight of a threat.

Why Choose ATD? 

  • Peace of Mind
    You can’t be everywhere at once, but ACOEM ATD can be. Give your first responders eyes and ears in the field around the clock so your community knows you are always watching out for them

  • Smarter Security
    Hearing a gunshot is not enough. Our surveillance cameras give you the ability to see the threat your community is facing so that you never respond to a threatening situation blindly.

  • Speed
    Be in the know the moment a threat arises. ATD detects and locates gunshots to allow you to take control of the situation before it escalates.

  • Accessibility
    Affordable and versatile, ACOEM ATD has a solution for everyone. Secure public establishments of all types and sizes whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

  • Reliability
    Power your security system with military-proven protection you can depend on. With the same AcoustiSense technology we’ve been using to protect service members on the combat frontlines for the last 25 years, using AcoustiSense will ensure your community is in good hands.

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