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INV-AVLKV751: HDMI Extender

Full HD HDMI optical extender kit consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, using ipcolor STREAM technology for highdefinition, low-latency transmission. The 1080P@60Hz HDMI signal can be extended up to 40km by LC single-mode fiber cable, supporting one-to-one connection, or gigabit switch cascading. It also supports HDMI loop out, IR passback, and RS-232 pass-through functions, and can be widely used in meetings, home entertainment, educational presentations, and other fields.


  • Adopting ipcolor STREAM technology can realize 

    high-definition and low-latency transmission
  • Support up to 1920x1200@60Hz/1920x1080@60Hz resolution, backward compatible
  • Support optical fiber transmission, the maximum transmission distance of 40 kilometers
  • Support one-to-one or gigabit switch cascading
  • Support RS-232 pass-through
  • The transmitter supports HDMI loop out
  • Support IR passback (20~60kHz)
  • Firmware can be upgraded through Micro USB
  • The transmitter has a 3.5mm audio input for sound embedding, the receiver has an independent 3.5mm audio output
  • Lightning protection, surge protection, ESD protection
  • Working 24/7

    NDAA Compliant Product-Learn More Here.





    Input interface

    1x HDMI                       

    1x SFP to LC

    Output interface

    1x HDMI                      

    1x SFP to LC   

     1x HDMI

    HDMI length

    ≤ 5m


    HDMI 1.3

    HDCP 1.4


    1080p@50/60Hz, 720p@50/60Hz, 1920x1200@60Hz

    Input and output TMDS signal


    Input and output DDC signal


    Connection types

    One-to-one connection

    Switch cascading

    Transmission distance

    Single-mode Optical


    Transmission latency


    Audio Signal

    Input interface

    1x HDMI                         
    1x 3.5mm L/R

     1x SFP to LC

    Output interface

    1x SFP to LC                    

    1x HDMI

    1x 3.5mm L/R

    HDMI out

    LPCM 2.0

    3.5mm L/R output


    Command Signal

    IR interface

    1x 3.5mm IR out

    1x 3.5mm IR in

    IR receiving range

    ≤ 5m

    IR frequency


    INV-AVLKV751:  HDMI Extender