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Standalone Solar Surveillence Video Tower

This unit can be customized to add ATD: Acoustic Threat Detection - Gun Shot Detection. More info on ATD Detection can be found here. 

Standalone Solar Surveillance Video Tower 
InVid Tech's Solar Surveillance Tower is a standalone self-contained unit that can be quickly deployed at any outdoor location. The unit provides online surveillance using LTE/4G Gateway, which can be monitored remotely using mobile app, web app, and custom software. Solar surveillance towers operate silently and can be deployed at all areas without any disturbance to the public. The unit is designed to have a small foot print, and therefore can be deployed in tight spots. It is designed to have minimum two days of battery autonomy on full draw of power from installed equipment. However, customization for longer battery autonomy in a variety of service conditions is possible. 

Features below based on one model. Many other options available. 

  • T205 Watt 2 solar panels.
  • 100 Ah 2 AGM batteries.
  • 20 Watt 2 LED.
  • 2 x Blue Flashing Lights.
  • 15 Watt Red Strobe Light.
  • 30 Watt Siren.
  • SV USB out.
  • Waterproof Smart On-Board Grid 
  • Connect Battery Charger 7 Amp 24V.
  • 4K 8 Channel NVR
  • 2 Tera Byte Hard Drive
  • 5 Port Ethernet PoE Switch
  • Ultra Fast CATll LTE Ethernet Gateway
  • Remote monitoring via internet is possible for system’s battery voltage, charging, current draw & temperature

*Truck not included.

Duty Cycle

The trailer should be placed such that the solar panels are in the correct position to receive direct sun light during the day, charging the batteries. The surveillance system will recording on NVR hard drive and transmit via GSM gateway. At dusk the blue light will turn on automatically till dawn, while the two flood lights can be set to switch off after user selected time interval.

Operational Specifications

  • The camera tower tilts down using a hand winch assembly and locks into its traveling position for safe transportation.
  • The two solar panels swing up and lock with clamps, minimizing air drag during transportation.
  • The trailer’s low center of gravity and four outriggers (provided to level the trailer) keeps the tower stable.
  • Maintenance free AGM Batteries provide power and an automated solar-based charging system keeps the batteries charged.
  • An additional grid connect 7 Amp charger is also provided.
  • The LED flood light operate from dusk on a timer with adjustable hours, while the blue flashing light operate dusk-to-dawn.
  • The unit has alarm and strobe light to warn intruders which can be triggered manually or using one of the several automated features (perimeter intrusion, scene change, motion sensing).

Many Customizable Options Available. 
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