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5’ Touch Screen IP Camera Tester 


  • 5 inch IPS touch screen, 1920x1080 resolution
  • 8MP CVI/ TVI/ AHD camera test
  • H.265/H.264, 4K video display via mainstream
  • VGA input, support 2048 x 1152 60FPS
  • HDMI input, support 4K 30FPS
  • DC12V 3A, 48V PoE power output
  • Auto HD, auto recognize HD coax camera type and resolution
  • RJ45 TDR cable test, cable quality test
  • UTP cable test, detect the near-end, mid-end and far-end fault point of the RJ45 cable plug




    New 5 inch IPS touch screen tester, 1920*1080 resolution

    Network port

    10/100/1000M auto adjust, RJ45


    Built in WIFI, speeds 150M, display wireless camera image

    H.265 Main
    stream test

    New hardware decoding, 4K H.265/H.264 camera image display by mainstream testing

    IP discovery

    Auto-scan the whole network segment camera IP

    Rapid ONVIF

    Search camera quickly, auto log in and display image 

    from the camera, activate InVidTech camera

    InVid test tool

    Batch activate InVidTech camera, display image from the
    camera, modify channel, batch modify IP, user name and password parameters etc.   

    DH test tool

    Batch activate InVidTech, batch modify IP, modify channel, user name and password parameters etc. 

    Auto HD

    Automatically recognize type and resolution of TVI/CVI/AHD camera and display image. Support coaxial PTZ and call OSD 


    CVI video signal test

    1 channel CVI input(BNC interface, resolution support 8MP CVI camera test, 3840 x 2160P 12.5/15 FPS, 2880x1920P 20FPS,

    2592x1944P 20FPS, 2560x1440p 25/30fps,

    1920x1080p 25/30fps, 1280x720p 25/30/50/60fps,

    UTC control and call OSD menu

    TVI video signal test

    1 channel TVI input(BNC interface ), resolution support 8MP TVI camera test, 3840 x 2160P 12.5/15 FPS, 2592x1944p12.5/20fps, 

    2688x1520p 15fps, 2560x1440P 18/25/30fps, 

    2048x1536p 18/25/30fps, 1920x1080p 25/30fps,

    1280x720p 25/30/50/60fps, UTC control and call OSD men

    AHD video signal test

    1 channel AHD input(BNC interface), resolution support 8MP AHD camera test, 3840 x 2160P 15 FPS, 2592x1944p 12.5/20fps, 

    2560x1440p 18/25/30fps, 2048x1536p 18/25/30fps,

    1920x1080p 25/30fps, 1280x720p 25/30/50/60fps,

    UTC control and call OSD menu

    Analog video test

    1 channel BNC Input, NTSC/PAL (Auto adapt)

    Snapshot, Video 

    record and playback

    Capture current images and record live video as JPG file. 

    Media player will view photos and playback video 


    Support 4K 30FPS, 3840x2160P 30FPS,

    720x480P/60fps720x576P/60fps, 1280x720P/25/30/50/60fps, 1920x1080P/25/30/50/60fps, 1920x1080I/50/60fps, 800x600P/60fps, 1024x768P/60fps, 1280x1024P/60fps

    VGA IN 

    1 channel VGA Input, support resolution:1920x1200P 60FPS, 1920x1080P 60FPS, 1792x1344P 60FPS, 1680x1050P 60FPS, 1600x1200/900P 60FPS/1440x900P 60FPS, 1360x768P 60FPS, 1280x1024/960/800/768/720P 60FPS, 1152x870P 60FPS, 

    1024x768P 60FPS, 800x600P 60FPS, 640x480P 60FPS


    screen projection: tester, mobile phone and PC display 

    at the same time  

    12V/3A power output

    Output DC12V/3A power to camera

    PoE power output

    48V PoE power output, Max power 25.5W


    Self-define icons, desktop and application interface 

    background, modify interface sliding effect

    Audio test

    1 channel audio signal input

    PTZ control

    Support RS485 control, Baud 600-115200bps, Compatible 

    with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, 

    Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan, etc

    Data monitor

    Captures and analyzes the command data from 

    controlling device, also can send hexadecimal 

    UTP Cable tester

    Test UTP cable connection status and display on the screen. Read the number on the screen


    External power supply

    DC 12V 1A


    Built-in 7.4V Lithium ion battery, 3350mAh


    After charging 3-4 hours, normal working time 5-6 hours 


    Operation setting

    OSD menu, select your desired language: English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese etc

    Auto off

    1-30 (mins)


    Working Temperature

    14°F~122°F  (-10℃~+50℃)

    Working Humidity



    7.2 x 4.3 x 1.4 in (183mm x 110mm x 36.5mm) 


    .7 lbs (0.32kg)

    INVID-CAMTESTER5: IP Camera Tester