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Mobile Solar Surveillance Solution

Why Choose Mobile Surveillance System? 

  • Solar Powered, App/ VMS Enabled Surveillance System
  • Mobile Surveillance With Wireless Connectivity
  • Intruder Detection and Alerting System
  • Cost-effective Security Solution
  • Quality guarantee+ 2 years Warranty
  • Independent or east connect to all leading VMS

Rapid Deployment Surveillance System

This mobile surveillance system can be quickly deployed and moved around, making it perfect for construction companies, oil and gas firms, and other companies that require mobile on-site surveillance. It supports existing security infrastructure by providing new surveillance angles and
detecting intruder movements in real-time.

Solar-Powered Long-Lasting Battery

Mobile solar outdoor surveillance powered by a durable battery that lasts up to 3 days of low sunlight. It’s innovatively designed to secure your outdoor assets, a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to physical security guards.

Security Reinforcement for Various Situations

Great for short-term or temporary security and can be used to protect construction sites, event centers, exploration fields, security outposts, parking lots, and more. It’s powered by intelligent recording, night vision, and intruder detection. It also has an onboard electrical monitoring system that can remotely show the system’s health.

Wireless Connectivity & Long-Lasting Battery

Transfers feed through built-in wire-free, end-to-end encrypted 4G/5G internet routers, allowing easy access to surveillance videos via the independent App or VMS. The fully autonomous battery provides excellent surveillance and deterrence to trespassers/miscreants.

Mobile Solar Surveillance

620 Watt (2 x 310W)  Solar Panels

Smart Battery Charger (for Grid Charging)

2 X 150 AH AGM 12V Deep Cycle Batteries, mounted in custom NEMA 3R enclosure

PEPLINK MAX Transit Mini (Wireless Router with Dual SIM and Wifi), Puck 4 -3-IN-1 ANTENNA  (Optional)

1 X P2P Bridge - 2.4GHz (1 Mile Range) *4 per Every 1 Base Unit (Optional)

2 x Blue (or Red, or Red/Blue) Flashing Lights (dusk to dawn) mounted on tilt mast

Red Strobe Light

Trailer (48"x40") with 4 outriggers

12Ft Height Tilting Boom with 1200 Lbs. Automatic Brake Winch

 Nema 4X Enclosures