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PD1A-16: 16 Channel Recorder

Archived: See Updated DVRs

16 Ch TVI/AHD/CVI/Analog/IP Universal Port Recorder (2 MP), with 4 Bonus IP Ch (3 MP), Up to 20 cameras total, 2 HD Bays


  • 16 Channel Universal Port DVR (TVI/AHD/CVI/Analog/IP)
  • 4 Bonus IP Channel - Up to 3 Megapixel 
  • Total Max IP Input: 12 (Including Bonus IPC)
  • H.264 Video Compression 
  • True P2P Connectivity with QR Code Connect 
  • Simultaneous HDMI/VGA up to 1080p Resolution
  • CVBS Main or Spot Monitor 
  • Supports up to 16 Channel Simultaneous Playback
  • Multiple video search options including Thumbnail Search for quick retrieval of footage.  
  • Free iOS & Android Apps for Smart Phones & Tablets
  • Free Central Management Software (CMS) to manage multiple units & sites from a single platform
  • Free MAC client software to easily manage your system from your Apple computer
        Model PD1A-16


        Compression Standard H.264 High Profile 
        CPU Cortex A9
        OS Embedded Linux


        Input BNC x 16
        Resolution TVI/AHD/CVI 2.0 1080p, 720p, Analog, WD1 Real-Time
        IP Input/Access Bandwidth  IPC x 4 / 24Mbps
        Output  HDMI x 1: 1920x1080, VGA x 1: 1920x1080, BNC x 1: CVBS (used as the main or Spot output)  


        Input RCA x 4
        Output  RCA x 1
        2-Way Audio  Take up channel one audio input 


        Resolution 1080p, 1080p light, 720p, WD1
        Frame Rate (NTSC/PAL) 1080p: 240/200 FPS, 1080p Lite/720p/WD1: 480/400 FPS
        Bit Rate 768Kbps ~ 8Mbps
        Mode Manual, Timer, Motion, Sensor 

        Bonus IP Input

        Resolution 3MP / 1080P / 960P / 720P
        Frame Rate 3MP/1080p/720p @ 30 FPS
        IP Input / Access Bandwidth IPC × 4 / 24Mbps

        IP Input

        Resolution 3MP/1080p/720p
        Frame Rate 3MP/1080p/720p @ 30 FPS
        Total Access Bandwidth 60 Mb
        Total Max IP Input 12 (Including Bonus IPC) 


        Simultaneous Playback 16 Channel
        Search  Thumbnail, Time, Event, Tag Search 
        Function  Play, Pause, FF, FB, Digital Zoom up to 32x


        Mode Manual, Sensor, Motion, Exception
        Input 4 Channel
        Output  1 Channel 
        Triggering Record, Snap, Preset, E-mail


        Interface RJ45 10M/100Mbps x 1
        Protocol TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, UPnP, NTP, SMTP
        Web Client Max 6 Users Online 

        Mobile Device

        OS iOS, Android 


        HDD SATA x 2

        Running firmeware version v1.2.x or newer supports Western Digital Purple 10TB.
        Seagate Skyhawk 12TB


        Local Backup USB, USB Mobile HDD
        Network Backup  Yes


        RS485 RS485 x 1, Connect to PTZ
        USB USB 2.0 x 2 (One in the front panel and the other in the rear panel)
        Remote Controller Yes


        Power Supply  DC 12V
        Consumption  < 15W (without HDD)
        Dimensions (W x D x H) 16.92 x 11.81 x 2.16 inches (430 x 300 x 55mm) 
        Work Environment  -14 ~ 122 F (-10 C ~ 50 C), 10~90% Humidity
        PD1A-16/2TB: 16 Ch HD-TVI Recorder, 2 TB

        Available with various configurations 0-28TB

        Spec Sheet

        Paramont Products Support Page