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A self contained battery operated security system. The camera records to the PAR-ENCODER1 SD card. It will record for appoximiatley 10-hours. Simply recharge the battery and start recording again! 

Additional battery features include a four-LED power gauge, a charged status red/green LED display, and a 2.1mm output splitter Y-cable. The included charger features a lightweight design, a 90-240 VAC input range, and a 2A charge current.


  • 12.5V, 98Wh Li-Ion Battery
  • Supports up to 6A Continuous Draw
  • Designed for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras
  • Regulated 7.4 & 12 VDC Barrel Outputs


  • 4 Megapixel, TVI/AHD/CVBS, Micro SD Local Storage, Alarm Input & Output, PoE/DC12V


  • 2 Megapixel TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS Pinhole Camera, Fixed Lens, D-WDR, Up to -40°C, 12VDC

Carrying Case


PAR-COVERTKIT1: Covert Kit with Mini Metal Case Camera


Spec Sheet (With all PAR-COVERTKIT1 products)

Paramont Products Support Page